North American P.A.U. Alumni Association exists to create an environment of “home away from home” both professionally and socially.

Vision Statement P.A.U. Alumni Association
at Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) was established in 1962 at Ludhiana (Punjab) with the aim to provide teaching, research and extension education services in agriculture and related fields. These activities of PAU were set up on the pattern of land grant universities of the United States, with initial collaboration with the Ohio State University. A significant number of scientists and teachers of PAU obtained their Ph.D. degrees from the various universities in the United States.

Upcoming Event:

NAPAU Annual Picnic - July 22, 2018

Date: July 22, 2018 (SUNDAY)
Time: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue: Terra Cotta Conservation Area
Address:14452 Winston Churchill Blvd, Terra Cotta, ON L0P 1N0
For further information call: HARBANS BRAR 905-678-2240, PARAMJIT SINGH BIRDI @ 416-666-1919 KANWAR JASVIR MANGAT @ 416-471-5204 BEANTBIR SINGH JHAND @ 416-303-7711 KARNAIL SINGH @ 416-720-1523 JASWANT SINGH KAMBOJ @ 416-567-4416

On-site cooked food and snacks would be served. There would be plenty of fun games and live entertainment by Alumi's. Photography of this event would be by Jaswant S Kamboj. All PAU Alumnus and everyone who are connected to PAU are cordially invited to attend the Annual Picnic. Also please forward this information to all Friends and Families you know and especially the New PAU Alumnus to make this event a memorable one.

Articles & Papers

by Jessie Kular

It's About Your Health - Multiculturalism - Food for Thought

Multiculturalism can be described as a wonderful mosaic of different cultures coming together and living in harmony, not limited to tolerating each others differences but in fact embracing them

Canada is a multicultural society whose ethno cultural composition has been shaped over time by different waves of immigrants and their descendants, as well as the aboriginal people of the country. Each new wave has added to its diversity. Over 30 million people living here reflect a cultural, ethnic and linguistic make up found nowhere else on earth.

by Dr. Balwinder Singh

Canadian Punjabis - a personal perspective

Circumstances shape the destiny of people. But the uprooted Punjabis, now spread over the entire world, have invariably shaped the circumstances to formulate their own destiny. To shed my eulogizing outfit, and to avoid any debate, let me hasten to offer as much kudos to certain other communities too which have excelled and earned an enviable status in the foreign land.

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