Picnic at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Annual Family Get-together
December 3, 2005
Construction of website and registration of association
November 10, 2006

Picnic at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Activities and Events from December 2005 to November 2006.

We organized our picnic on 16 July 2006 at Heart Lake Conservation Area on Heart Lake Road, Brampton, Ont. It was attended by nearly 70 families of P.A.U alumni. As usual, races and games were held for the children and adults, including tug-of-war games, which were extremely enjoyable. Barbequed and catered food was liked by all. At the closing, children and winners of various events were presented tee-shirts by our senior alumni.

Suggestions from alumni to improve the functioning of our association are always welcome.


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