North American P.A.U. Alumni Association -Ontario Chapter

1. Name: The name of our association will be North American P.A.U. Alumni Association (Ontario Chapter).

2. Mission Statement:

Vision Statement: North American P.A.U. Alumni Association exists to create an environment of “home away from home” both professionally and socially.

Mission Statement: As a social organization North American P.A.U. Alumni Association provides its alumni opportunities to network, counsel and guide new alumni on settlement issues, attend planned social events designed for the entire families, contribute to society positively and maintain ties with the parent organization. This will foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University and its alumni.

Values: Openness, honesty, respect and integrity.

3. Membership: Membership categories will be defined as alumni members and associate members . Alumni members will be PAU graduates. Associate members will be those who had been PAU faculty members, members of PAU non-teaching staff or members of Punjab Agriculture department.

4. Membership fee: Ordinary membership fee for both categories of members will be $50.00 per annum or $100.00 for 3 years. Life membership fee will be $500.00. Life members will not get any special privileges. Membership cards will be issued to all members.

5. Executive committee : Executive committee of the association will be elected by the members and will consist of a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer and 5 members. Any person on the executive committee who does not attend three consecutive meetings of the committee without specifying any reason may be replaced by the committee for the remaining term.

6. Term: Term of the executive committee will be 2 years.

7. Year end : August 31 st will be the year-end of annual activities and also the financial year end, so that the annual report can be presented at the annual dinner to be held in the 3 rd week of November.

8. Dinner & Picnic Fees: Fees for attending dinners and picnics will be higher for non-members than for members. Guests of members will pay the same fee as members. Fees will be decided by the executive committee every year.

9. Honouring Visiting Guests: Any PAU faculty member of Professor or higher rank, or any other faculty members who have made significant contribution to their field or any PAU alumni who has made significant contribution to any field, anywhere in the world, or any employee of Punjab Agriculture Department of Joint Director or higher level, or any employees of Punjab Agricultural Department who have made significant contribution to agriculture, will be honoured while they visit us. No money will be given as a gift, only plaques will be presented to honour them.

10. Dinner & Picnic dates: Picnic will be held in the third week of July and dinner in the third week of November every year.

11. Food Items for Food Bank: Non-perishable food items will be collected at picnic and annual dinner and will be donated to charities.

12. Availability of Household and Electronic Items for New Immigrants: A database of household and electronic items available for donation to new immigrants will be established to recycle such items among the members for the benefit of new comers. A list of such available items will be constantly updated and posted on the website of the Association.

13. Unfortunate Situations: In the event of anything unfortunate happening to any member of the association, executive committee will hold a meeting and decide how to help the affected family.